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Better Compliance

Over 95% Compliance without Officer Intervention

700+ Probation Officers, 40+ Districts, 60,000+ Offenders

Challenge: Reduce offender supervision effort, to reallocate officer time to higher risk offenders and other EBP initiatives.

Solution: AnyTrax automates regular offender check-ins with tailored protocols for lower and higher risk offenders, and for special conditions such as for sex offenders.

Outcome: Positive offender and officer response to AnyTrax drives high compliance, consistently over 95%. Continued expansion, with plans to double the number of offenders on AnyTrax, saves officers even more time, while providing greater EBP focus on each offender.


Better Workload

Positive Change in Officer Workload

200+ Probation Officers, 7 Districts, 6,000+ Offenders

Challenge: Administrative supervision was a manual, paper-based, labor-intensive mail-in program that consumed too much officer time.

Solution: AnyTrax replaced the mail-in program so fewer officers supervise low risk offenders more effectively, freeing officer time for supervision of higher risk offenders.

Outcome: “Positive officer assessment of effectiveness and ease of use,” and “High offender compliance and acceptance” result in “Positive change in officer workload.” “AnyTrax is really easy to use!”


Better Practices

Increased time to focus on Evidence Based Practices

85+ Probation Officers, 3 Locations, 4,500+ Offenders

Challenge: Increasing caseloads and decreasing officer headcount left few resources to allocate to new programs for higher risk offenders.

Solution: AnyTrax automates monthly offender check-ins, eliminating almost all officer time to take and log these contacts, and to follow-up on minor exceptions and routine status changes.

Outcome: With just a portion of caseloads transitioned to AnyTrax, high offender compliance has freed officer time for Evidence Based Practice initiatives including motivational interviews for high risk offenders, confirming plans to double the caseload on AnyTrax.


Better Appearance Rates

Major improvement in FTA Rate

3 Pretrial Supervision Officers, 3 Courts/Jails, 600+ Defendants

Challenge: Supervision staff struggled to maintain required contacts with defendants, leaving little time for proactive support or intervention with higher risk defendants.

Solution: “Our court requires defendants to check-in 2 to 3 times a week, so AnyTrax frees us from taking about 2,000 calls a week — giving our staff more time to work with higher risk defendants.”

Outcome: Reducing FTA‘s from over 12% to under 4%, this agency now ranks among the best of its peer agencies statewide, while saving $75K per year, improving staff morale, saving court time, and providing sound basis for judges to accept pretrial release recommendations.